Surfin' Safari cover


(Brian Wilson / Gary Usher / Mike Love)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Surfin' Safari (1962)
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Their first car song, credited for starting the early 60s hot rod music craze.

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Ac ● RockAcapellago1999Youtube, SpotifyA capella version
AtlanticBack In The U.S.S.R. single
The Beach Boys
(covered as "Medley Part One: Uptempo")
The Beach Boys Medley single1981A (badly edited) medley consisting of "Good Vibrations"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"I Get Around"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"Little Honda"/"Hawaii"/"409"/"Noble Surfer"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Shut Down"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Barbara Ann"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun". Released as a single with Part Two (Ballads), and also a significantly shorter single version was released. This version was the B-side to the British "Wouldn't It Be Nice" re-release in 1990.
The Beach Boys and Junior BrownStars And Stripes Vol. 11996Youtube
The BeaversMeet The Beavers Live At Doc Maynard'sLive recording.
BewitchedHarshing My Mellow1991Youtube, SpotifyThis is more of a sample than a cover, varying wildly from the original. Also released as a single. Neither Brian, Mike nor Gary Usher receive a writing credit - instead credited to Bewitched.
BuzztonesThe Fabulous Buzztones1979
The Cantina Band
(covered as "Summer '81")
Summer '81 single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surfer Girl"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"409"/"I Get Around"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"California Girls"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Good Vibrations". Basically an attempt to see how many choruses you can fit into 4 minutes 18 seconds, the B-side was the same medley without the 14 seconds of "Surfer Girl" at the start.
Charlie & The Hot WheelsRodder's Rule2005YoutubeRock cover.
Billy Childish and Thee HeadcoatsSmiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson1990YoutubeGarage-punk cover.
The CompetitorsHits Of The Street And Strip History1963YoutubeThe Competitors featured the song's co-writer, Gary Usher.
Johnny Dee And The Rocket 88's
(covered as "Car Medley")
Johnny Dee And The Rocket 88's1979Medley of "Theme From Route 66"/"I Get Around/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"409"/"Tell Laura I Love Her"/"Dead Man's Curve".
Fuck The FactsFour0ninE EP2001OtherGrindcore cover. Also appeared on reissues of the Mullet Fever album.
Chuck Kirkpatrick
(covered as "Surf's Up")
Surf's Up single1981YoutubeMedley of "Little Deuce Coupe"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"California Girls"/"Good Vibrations"/"In My Room"/"Surfer Girl"/"Don't Worry Baby"/"Wendy"/"I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"Shut Down"/"409"/"Catch A Wave"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun".
Mike LoveMike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks Of The Beach Boys Salute NASCAR1996Re-recording with Adrian Baker. Neither David or Bruce seem to appear on the track.
(covered as "409/Little Deuce Coupe")
Burgers, Shakes & Doo-Wop2011Youtube, SpotifyA cappella medley of "409" and "Little Deuce Coupe".
The Midas Touch
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
The Midas TouchMedley of "I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"409"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun".
Ol' 55Open Top Cars & Girls In Tight T-Shirts1986
The QuadsHot Rod City1963Youtube, Spotify
RämounsRockaway Beach Boys2009Youtube, SpotifyPunk cover, in the style of the Ramones.
The Rip ChordsHey Little Cobra And Other Hot Rod Hits1964Youtube, SpotifyProduced by Terry Melcher, co-produced by Bruce Johnston.
The Rip Chords (current)Shut 'Em Down...Again2005Live recording.
The RoadrunnersThe New Mustang And Other Hot Rod Hits1964Featuring Gary Usher, who cowrote the song.
Special FeatureStreet Sounds2003SpotifyA capella.
The Surfin' SixThe Beach Boys' Greatest Hits (1961-1963)1972Instrumental.
The SurfsidersThe Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook1965Notoriously bad cover.
The TokensWheels1964
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