Surfin' U.S.A.
Surfin' U.S.A. cover

"Surfin' U.S.A."

(Brian Wilson / Chuck Berry)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Surfin' U.S.A. (1963)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 142

The band's first US Top Ten hit, it used the melody to Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen", hence his writing credit.

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Ōsama (王様)
(covered as "浜っ子伝説")
浜っ子伝説~ビーチボーイズ 日本語直訳メドレ single1996YoutubeJapanese "direct translation" medley of "Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"I Get Around"/"Surfer Girl"/"Good Vibrations"/"Little Honda"/"California Girls"/"God Only Knows"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice".
Alvin And The ChipmunksSongs From Our TV Shows1984YoutubeIf the vocal pitch was any higher only dogs would be able to listen.
(covered as "Search And You'll Get Saved")
Chosen Ones2007Youtube, SpotifyParody with Christian lyrics.
ArgiesFake Reaction2003YoutubeSpanish punk cover.
The AstronautsSurfin' With The Astronauts1963Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single in Brazil.
Au Bonheur Des Dames
(covered as "Quand Arrive L'Été")
Coucou Maman1975Youtube, SpotifyAs rewritten to French, writing credit is Chuck Berry/Ricky Brantalou. Released as a single in France.
Adrian BakerCalifornia Girls2010
The BanditsNet Sounds 32000
(covered as "Tot Tgi Vo Cun Skis")
Or Da Schlers E Baraccas 81-851985Romansch lyrics by Benni Vigne
The Beach Boys Inc.Vintage Series2002
The Beach Boys
(covered as "Medley Part One: Uptempo")
The Beach Boys Medley single1981A (badly edited) medley consisting of "Good Vibrations"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"I Get Around"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"Little Honda"/"Hawaii"/"409"/"Noble Surfer"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Shut Down"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Barbara Ann"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun". Released as a single with Part Two (Ballads), and also a significantly shorter single version was released. This version was the B-side to the British "Wouldn't It Be Nice" re-release in 1990.
The Beach Boys
(covered as "The Beach Boys Medley")
The Beach Boys Medley single1981YoutubeA (badly edited) medley of "Good Vibrations"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"I Get Around"/"Shut Down"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Barbara Ann"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun". This is in fact an edit of the much longer "Up Tempo" medley, but with half the songs. The shorter edit is in the listen links, while a slightly longer French version can be listened to here here, if for some reason you want an extra minute.
The BeaversMeet The Beavers Live At Doc Maynard's
Jeff BeckMusicares Presents A Tribute To Brian Wilson2007YoutubeLive cover, backed by Brian's band and with lead vocals by Jeff Foskett
(covered as "Beach Boys-medley")
Karibien2000Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "Barbara Ann" / "Good Vibrations" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "I Get Around" / "Help Me, Rhonda".
Blind GuardianThe Forgotten Tales1996YoutubeAlso released as the Blind Guardian Plays Beach Boys promo single, backed with "Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally".
Cagey Strings25 Jahre Rock'n'Roll - Oldies & Raritäten2007Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. A live version appears on LIVE: Das Original im Doppelpack.
Al Caiola And His OrchestraGreasy Kid Stuff1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental.
(covered as "Summer Fun Medley")
Summer Fun Medley single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surfin' U.S.A."/"Little Honda"/"Catch A Wave"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"California Girls"/"Good Vibrations".
Glen Campbell with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(covered as "Medley: Good Vibrations/Help Me, Rhonda/Surfer Girl/Surfin' U.S.A.")
Live At The Royal Festival Hall1977Youtube, SpotifyLive medley of "Good Vibrations" / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Surfer Girl" / "Surfin' U.S.A."
The CarmetsSynthesizer Electric Sound1974
The CarnabeesThe Story Of The Beach Boys1978
Aaron CarterAaron Carter1997YoutubeAlso released as a single, with various mixes.
The CatalinasFun Fun Fun1964Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Featured Bruce Johnston on piano.
Celtic Thunder
(covered as "Surfer Medley")
It's Entertainment!2010Youtube, SpotifyLive medley of Surf City / Fun, Fun, Fun / Surfin'' U.S.A.
ChloeNorwegian Wood2011
The CoastlinersFootprints In The Sand
The CraftsmenWhat Can We Say1965Discogs says a 1964 release, but the album contains "You're So Good To Me", which was not released until 1965.
Steve Dahl & The Dahlfins
(covered as "Net Surfin' U.S.A.")
Mai-Tai Roa Aé1997Youtube, SpotifyWith new lyrics about the internet, and backing vocals by Brian Wilson.
Despe E Siga
(covered as "Surf Em Portugal")
Despe E Siga1995Youtube, SpotifyAlbum contained an unplugged version as well - see Spotify link.
Dirty Storey BandDirty Storey Band1997
Gretchen DowsingFun, Fun, Fun
Drew's FamousLuau Dance Party Favorites1996Youtube, SpotifyPerhaps the most generic sounding cover of "Surfin' U.S.A." there is.
Chris FarmerCalifornia Dreamin'2008Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
The FirebirdsRed Pack2013Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
French Frith Kaiser ThompsonLive, Love, Larf & Loaf1987Youtube, SpotifyA rather sarcastic cover.
The Freshmen
(covered as "Surfin' USA Medley")
Irish Showbands; The Greatest Hits Collection2011YoutubeLive, medley of "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Swanee River" / "God Only Knows" / "Good Vibrations / "Sloop John B".
The Frogs Of SummerLet's Party!1997Novelty recording using frog noises. Attributed to The Beach Phibs
Annette FunicelloSings Golden Surfin' Hits1965YoutubeStraightfoward cover.
Leif GarrettLeif Garrett1977Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single, went to #20 in the US.
Wally GeorgeSings The Rock Hits!1986
Gidea Park
(covered as "Beach Boy Gold")
Gidea Park1981Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single, which went to #11 in the UK charts.

Medley of "Graduation Day"/"Catch A Wave"/"Surfin' U.S.A"/"I Get Around"/"Little Old Lady From Pasadena"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"Sloop John B"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)"/"Good Vibrations.

A live version appears on their Live In Concert album, with different songs (only "Surfin' U.S.A" and "Fun, Fun, Fun" remaining from the studio version).

A live version appears on their Live In Concert album, with different songs (only "Surfin' U.S.A" and "Fun, Fun, Fun" remaining from the studio version).
The Great Rufus Road Machine
(covered as "Medley: Surfin' USA / Surf City / Fun Fun Fun")
The Great Rufus Road Machine1975Medley of "Surfin' U.S.A.", "Surf City", and "Fun, Fun, Fun".
Hally Feat. Surf Robot QuartetSquarewave Surfers # Memory Of 8bit2008Chiptune/8-bit cover.
The Hard TravelersThe Hard Travelers1981
Jan HeuvelDie Super Hitparade 51978
The HiltonairesHits For Young People 141978
Hirokazu Ogura (小倉博和)Beach Boys: Best Of Tribute2004
Gary HoeyMonster Surf2005Youtube, SpotifyHard rock guitar instrumental.
The Hollyridge StringsThe Beach Boys Song Book: Romantic Instrumentals By The Hollyridge Strings1964Youtube, SpotifyOrchestral version, arranged by Stu Philips.
The Hot DoggersSurfin' U.S.A.1963Youtube, SpotifyFeatures Bruce Johnston on lead vocals.
JacintaSongs Of Freedom2009
Jan & DeanSilver Summer1985YoutubeThe album Silver Summer featured Mike Love on backing vocals and many Beach Boys sidemen on instruments.
Al Jardine, Family & FriendsLive In Las Vegas2001YoutubeLive recording.
Jazz Paradise
(covered as "サーフィン・U.S.A.")
夏の訪れを感じるジャズ〜軽快なアレンジに乗せて〜2016SpotifyInstrumental jazz cover.
The Jesus And Mary ChainDarklands single1987Youtube, SpotifyAppeared on the 1988 compilation Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides And More)
Johnny Jetblack And The Comeback
(covered as "Surf's Up Medley")
Johnny Jetblack And The Comeback1978Medley of "Sea Cruise" / "Sleepwalking" / "Surfer Girl" / "Surfin' U.S.A.".
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Surfin' USA / Wipe Out / Barbara Ann")
Jive Bunny Triple Tracker: Surfin' USA / Wipe Out / Barbara Ann single2010Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "Surfin' U.S.A."/"Wipe Out"/"Barbara Ann".
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "In The Summertime / Surfin' USA / Wipe Out")
Jive Bunny Triple Tracker: In The Summertime / Surfin' USA / Wipe Out single2010Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "In The Summertime"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Wipe Out".
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersBeach Party1998Youtube, SpotifyPop cover.
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Can Can You Party")
It's Party Time1990Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "The Can Can"/"Daddy Cool"/"Greased Lightning"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Barbara Ann"/"Dancin' Party"/"Reet Petite"/"The Can Can".
John B. & The Surfin' SafarisA Tribute To The Beach Boys2002Youtube, Spotify
Juba & Lula
(covered as "Surf É O Que Eu Sei")
Juba & Lula O Disco1988YoutubeIn Portuguese. Also released as a single.
Kermit and CliffordMuppet Beach Party1993Youtube
Chuck Kirkpatrick
(covered as "Surf's Up")
Surf's Up single1981YoutubeMedley of "Little Deuce Coupe"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"California Girls"/"Good Vibrations"/"In My Room"/"Surfer Girl"/"Don't Worry Baby"/"Wendy"/"I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"Shut Down"/"409"/"Catch A Wave"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun".
Mike Krüger
(covered as "Ich Geh' Heut' Surfen")
Stau Mal Wieder1978Youtube, SpotifyRecorded live, contains parody lyrics in German.
Franz LambertPop-Orgel Hitparade 31978
Linie 3
(covered as "The Beach Boys")
Hvor Er De 2 Andre!!?1994YoutubeLive medley of "Kokomo" / "Good vibrations" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "I Get Around" / "Still Cruisin'" / "Heroes And Villains" / "Barbara Ann".
Little Joe Shaver And Devil DogCountry Surfin'1976
The Lively OnesThe Great Surf Hits!!1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental.
Mike LoveBeach Music Classics2016Re-recording with Charles Lloyd as producer.
Mike LoveCatch A Wave1996Re-recording with Adrian Baker. Also appeared on Summertime Cruisin': The Unforgettable Favourites Of Mike Love And Bruce Johnston Of The Beach Boys, although Bruce doesn't seem to appear on the track.
M.O.D.Surfin' M.O.D.1988YoutubeAlso appeared on the Loved By Thousands... Hated By Millions compilation.
Los Mabber's
(covered as "Chica Cruel")
Surfin' Con Los Mabber's1963Youtube, SpotifySpanish surf cover, literally translates to "Cruel Girl".
McRackinsAmp Records Battle Royale2000Pop punk cover.
MelopeaSurfin USA single1987YoutubeSpanish surf/garage cover, released as a single in Spain.
(covered as "Surfin USA-You're Welcome")
Smiling Pets1998YoutubeNoise rock cover of "Surfin' U.S.A" and "You're Welcome".
(covered as " サーフィン・U.S.A.")
太陽の下のサーフィン・Japan1992Japanese cover.
Miami University Marching BandMiami Marching Band 85-861986
The Midas Touch
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
The Midas TouchMedley of "I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"409"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun".
The MillionairesPersonally Yours...Medley of "Barbara Ann", "Surfin' U.S.A." and "Fun, Fun, Fun".
(covered as "Ti Xau")
É demais!1991
Fred Mollin And The Blue Sea BandDisney's Beach Party - Surf Sound2006Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Co-produced by Mark Linnett and features Darian Sahanaja and Jeff Foskett on backing vocals. Introduction by Goofy.
Billy Mure's Supersonic GuitarsTeen Bossa Nova1963YoutubeInstrumental.
NeatEstablished Aim Monsters2000
La Onda Vaselina
(covered as "México A Bailar")
Dulces Para Ti1991Youtube, SpotifyPop cover with Spanish lyrics.
(covered as "Beach Boy's Medley")
Live "One" - Recorded Live At Joe's Fish Market And SaloonLive medley of "Surfin' U.S.A."/"In My Room"/"I Get Around".
Original Cast RecordingGood Rockin' Tonite!1992Youtube, SpotifyOriginal London Cast recording, medley of "Surfin' U.S.A.", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "I Get Around" and Johnny B. Goode.
Out Of The Blue [Oxford]Cut Loose2017OtherA cappella medley of "Surfin' U.S.A." and "Fun, Fun, Fun".
P.K. And The Sound ExplosionThe Beach Boys Songbook1977
P.P.M.Punk Rock Sucks EP2001YoutubeBonus track. Punk version.
Papa Doo Run RunCalifornia Project1985YoutubeStraightforward cover.
Penny ArcadeIntroducing... Penny Arcade1978
PennywiseMOM: Music For Our Mother Ocean1996Youtube, SpotifyPunk cover.
The PhantomsBig Beat Hits1967Youtube, Spotify
Pickin' OnPickin' On The Beach Boys: A Bluegrass Tribute2004Bluegrass instrumental
RämounsRockaway Beach Boys2009Youtube, SpotifyPunk cover, in the style of the Ramones.
Jussi Raittinen
(covered as "Koko Suomi Surffaa")
Rockin' 501993Finnish lyrics by Jussi Raittinen.
Rudi Ramba Und Seine Party Tiger
(covered as "Swingin' Rock'n Roll (Potpourri)")
1985Medley of "Surfin' USA"/"Champagne Oder Selters"/"Computerliebe"/"Sloop John B. (Das Girl Von Laramie)"/"Let It Swing (Let Det Swinge)".
The Raving SavagesEverybody Surf! With The Surfin' Savages EP1963Released as the Surfin' USA EP in Spain.
Red SquaresPeople Get Ready1998Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover version. Live version appears on the Live + 3 album (Spotify, Youtube).
Tony Rizzi & Pacific!Surfin' Pacific With Tony Rizzi1982
Rod And The CobrasDrag Race At Surf City1964
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
Rosewood1979Medley of "Surfin' Safari", "Surfin' U.S.A." and "Fun, Fun, Fun".
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(covered as "(Just For Fun...) All Surf!")
Symphonic Sounds: Music Of The Beach Boys1998Orchestral medley of "Catch A Wave"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Surf City"/"Hawaii/"Surfin' U.S.A.".

Arranged by Bob Alcivar, produced by Bruce Johnston and Adrian Baker.
Bobby RydellWild (Wood) Days1963Youtube, SpotifyA doo-wop cover.
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Mix 4")
Schlapsen HitmixMedley of "Surfin' Auf'm Baggersee" ("Surfin' U.S.A.")/"Cotton Balls"/"Inline Scates" ("Love Message")/"Wir Sind Die Schlapsenband".
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Hitmix-Medley")
SommerpartySpotifyMedley of "Hilf Mir Sonja" ("Help Me, Rhonda")/"Eine Insel Nur Für Schlapse" ("Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen")/"Surfin' Auf Dem Schlapsensee" ("Surfin' U.S.A.")/"Hitzefrei" ("Coco Jamboo")/"Der Traumpschlaps" ("Beautiful Dreamer").
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Surfen Auf Dem Schlapensee")
Party, Party!SpotifyGerman children's electropop cover.
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Surfin' Auf'm Baggersee")
Schlapsen Sommer Hit PartyYoutubeGerman cover.
Sea Cruise
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
Sea Cruise1978Youtube12 minute disco medley, consisting of "Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Do You Wanna Dance"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"I Get Around"/"Wendy"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Surfer Girl"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"Good Vibrations"/"Little Honda"/"Shut Down"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"California Girls"/"Summer Finale".
(covered as "Mariola Walczy W Kisielu")
Historia Jakiej Nie Znał Świat2001YoutubePolish punk cover.
The ShakersRockin' On A Saturday Night1979
Silver Stars12 Superventas1978
The Smurfs
(covered as "Surfen Auf Dem Schlumpfensee")
Fette Fete!, Vol. 71998YoutubeIn German.
The Smurfs
(covered as "De Smurfen Gaan Naar Zee")
Fiësta1998YoutubeDutch, literally translates as "The Smurf Goes To The Sea".
Spatzen-Quartett RegensburgShowtime2011Youtube, SpotifyVocal performance, with a lead singer who sounds a bit like Kermit The Frog.
SquaresHere We Go Again1975Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Stone Revival Band
(covered as "Disco To The 50's Medley Part 1")
Disco To The 50's single1978Disco medley of "Intro" / "Blueberry Hill" / "Long Tall Sally" / "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" / "Good Golly, Miss Molly" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Rip It Up" / "Bye Bye Love" / "Peggy Sue" / "The Wanderer".
Die Strandjungs
(covered as "Medley 1984 - 1985")
StrandgoldYoutube, SpotifyMedley of the Strandjung's versions of "Surfin' U.S.A." / "I Get Around" / "Fun, Fun, Fun" / "Barbara Ann".
Die Strandjungs
(covered as "Surfen Auf'm Baggersee")
Sommer, Sonne... Strandjungs1985Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single in Germany, where it reached #54. German lyrics by Guntmar Feuerstein.
The Surf City AllstarsScrapbook2002Live versions appear on 2006 album Live In Concert (Spotify, Youtube) and 2014 album Live In Concert (Spotify, Youtube).
Surf City SoundsSurf City Sounds1981
Surf Punks
(covered as "Surf's Up Medley")
Surf's Up Medley single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surf City" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Wouldn't It Be Nice" / "California Girls" / "Pipeline" / "Catch A Wave" / "I Get Around" / "Surfer Girl".
The SurfbreakersBeach Boys Salute1981
The SurfersSounds Like The Beach Boys1974
The SurphonicsLet It Beat2000Youtube, SpotifyRather straightforward cover.
Suzie & The SeniorsBring Back The Beat2008Straightforward, with female vocalist.
Billy Synth And The Turn UpsGo "Off The Deep End"1980
Teddy & The TigersBoppin'1978Youtube, SpotifyA live version appeared on their 2008 Dancing Shoes album (Youtube).
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans
(covered as "サーフィン U.S.A.")
真夏の海をぶっとばせ!! 寺内タケシとすばらしいエレキŵ1972YoutubeInstrumental, with the guitar taking the vocal lines.
Those Left BehindHorror Classics And Other Tributes To The Darkside2011Youtube, SpotifyDeath metal cover.
The TidesSurf City / Surfin' USA And Other Surfin' Favorites1963
Time PoolsBeach Boys Gone Country2007Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental country cover.
The Top Ten AllstarsLittle Honda single1967
TravoltasFrom Travoltas With Love2003Live recording.
UnknownHomage To The Beach Boys
The VampsLast Night single2014YoutubeA fairly straightforward cover.
Chris WhiteMouth Music1976
Brian WilsonThe Bridge School Concerts: 25th Anniversary Edition2011Youtube, SpotifyRecorded live in 1999.
(covered as "Surf É O Que Eu Sei")
Carnaval Dos Baixinhos1988YoutubeWith Portuguese lyrics by R. Ladeira / R. Lly / Kadu Moliterno / Andre de Biase.
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