Help Me, Rhonda
Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) cover

"Help Me, Rhonda"

(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 117

Released as "Help Me, Ronda" on The Beach Boys Today!, it was revised for the single release as "Help Me, Rhonda", which also appeared on Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!).

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
101 Strings Orchestra & The Alshire SingersPlay And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys1976Youtube, SpotifyOrchestral pop cover.
A Taste Of HoneyThe Hits Of The Beach Boys1969
Antia And The PerdidosFlower Beat Happy Hippie1968
(covered as "Help Me, Rhoda")
Isn't Wasn't Ain't2005Youtube, SpotifyParody with Christian lyrics by J. John Jackson.
I Barrittas
(covered as "Rhonda, Aiuto!")
Tabù EP1965YoutubeItalian cover.
The Beach Boys Inc.Vintage Series2002
The Beach Boys
(covered as "The Beach Boys Medley")
The Beach Boys Medley singleYoutubeA (badly edited) medley of "Good Vibrations"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"I Get Around"/"Shut Down"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Barbara Ann"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun". This is in fact an edit of the much longer "Up Tempo" medley, but with half the songs. The shorter edit is in the listen links, while a slightly longer French version can be listened to here here, if for some reason you want an extra minute.
The Beach Boys
(covered as "Medley Part One: Uptempo")
The Beach Boys Medley single1981A (badly edited) medley consisting of "Good Vibrations"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"I Get Around"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"Little Honda"/"Hawaii"/"409"/"Noble Surfer"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Shut Down"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Barbara Ann"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun". Released as a single with Part Two (Ballads), and also a significantly shorter single version was released. This version was the B-side to the British "Wouldn't It Be Nice" re-release in 1990.
The Beach Boys and T. Graham BrownStars And Stripes Vol. 11996YoutubeCountry cover with Ricky Van Shelton on lead vocals.
The Beach Boys And The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraThe Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra2018Youtube, SpotifyThe original Beach Boys recording and vocals with orchestral overdubs.
Beach Boyz Tribute BandBeach Boyz Tribute Band Live2018Live recording.
The Bentwood Rockers
(covered as "Help Me Rhonda / Little Deuce Coupe")
Rockin' Down The HighwayMedley of "Help Me, Rhonda" and "Little Deuce Coupe".
(covered as "Beach Boys-medley")
Karibien2000Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "Barbara Ann" / "Good Vibrations" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "I Get Around" / "Help Me, Rhonda".
Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceHooks1989YoutubeRock cover
Bruce and TerryThe Best Of Bruce & Terry1998Youtube, SpotifyRecorded March 25 1965. A few days before The Beach Boys recorded their reworked single version of the song, and so this version was pulled. A few days after that Bruce joined The Beach Boys.

Appears on the Here Today! The Songs Of Brian Wilson compilation album.
(covered as "Help Me Ronda")
Burt's Nr. 21977YoutubePop rock cover
(covered as "Summer Fun Medley")
Summer Fun Medley single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surfin' U.S.A."/"Little Honda"/"Catch A Wave"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"California Girls"/"Good Vibrations".
Glen Campbell with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(covered as "Medley: Good Vibrations/Help Me, Rhonda/Surfer Girl/Surfin' U.S.A.")
Live At The Royal Festival Hall1977Youtube, SpotifyLive medley of "Good Vibrations" / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Surfer Girl" / "Surfin' U.S.A."
The Cantina Band
(covered as "Summer '81")
Summer '81 single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surfer Girl"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"409"/"I Get Around"/"Dance, Dance, Dance"/"California Girls"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Good Vibrations". Basically an attempt to see how many choruses you can fit into 4 minutes 18 seconds, the B-side was the same medley without the 14 seconds of "Surfer Girl" at the start.
The Carnabees
(covered as "Help Me Ronda")
The Story Of The Beach Boys1978
Howard Carpendale
(covered as "Celebration")
Die Mega FeteMedley of "Let's Have A Celebration" / "Hello Again" / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Let's Have A Celebration" / "Ich Geb' Mir Selbst 'Ne Party" / "Sweet Caroline" / "Let's Have A Celebration".
Cederholm & Brdr. HellemannTeaterkoncert Beach Boys2008
Cliff Jackson And The Star-Beaters
(covered as "Bits And Pieces - Help Me Rhonda")
Beat Parade1966Medley of "Bits And Pieces" and "Help Me, Rhonda"
The Coconuts
(covered as "Medley")
Women & Coconuts First1981Medley of "Help Me, Rhonda" / "The Wanderer" / "Ain't That A Shame" / "Come Go With Me" / "Why Do Fools Fall In Love".
Crazy Otto
(covered as "Baby Love - Help Me, Rhonda - Baby Don't Go")
Crazy Otto Beat1966YoutubeJazz instrumental medley of "Baby Love", "Help Me, Rhonda" and "Baby Don't Go".
Curt HaagersTa Mej Me'...1975Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover
Mike Denver
(covered as "60s Medley")
Me And The Boys2017Youtube, SpotifyLive medley of "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" / "Then I Kissed Her" / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good".
Dirty Storey BandDirty Storey Band1997
Gretchen Dowsing
(covered as "Help Me Ronda")
Fun, Fun, Fun
Les Excentriques
(covered as "Aide-Moi, Chérie")
Les Excentriques1965Youtube, SpotifyAlso released as a single. French lyrics by Christian Lavoie.
FancyI Saw Linda Yesterday single1979
Chris FarmerCalifornia Dreamin'2008Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
The FirebirdsStars In Stripes2013Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
The FreshmenIrish Showbands; The Greatest Hits Collection2011YoutubeLive, straightforward cover.
Gidea Park
(covered as "California Gold")
Gidea Park1981Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single. Also known as "Beach Boys Gold Part II".

Medley of "California Gold"/"California Girls"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"The Little Girl I Once Knew"/"All Summer Long"/"Lovin' That Music".

A live version appears on their Live In Concert album.
The Hard TravelersWanted: The Hard Travelers
The Hollyridge StringsPlay The Beach Boys Song Book - Vol. 2 1967Youtube, SpotifyOrchestral cover arranged by Mort Garson and Perry Botkin Jr.
The In-Sect
(covered as "Help Me Ronda")
Introducing The In-Sect Direct From London1965Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover
Takeshi Inomata & His West LinersModern Punch For You1978
The JailbreakersVolume 1 & 21990
Jan & DeanTheir Greatest Hits1977Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover from this "greatest hits" album, that is actually an album of new recordings from 1977, and is more of a solo project by Dean Torrence than an actual Jan & Dean recording.
Al JardineA Postcard From California2010YoutubeFeaturing Steve Miller on vocals and Flea on bass.
Al Jardine, Family & FriendsLive In Las Vegas2001YoutubeLive recording. Al performs lead vocals.
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Beach Baby / Help Me Rhonda / Sherry")
Jive Bunny Triple Tracker: Beach Baby / Help Me Rhonda / Sherry single2010Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "Beach Baby"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Sherry".
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersBeach Party1998YoutubePop cover.
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Sounds Like Fun")
It's Party Time1990YoutubeMedley of "Tom Hark"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Shout"/"Splish Splash"/"Tossin' & Turnin'"/"Speedy Gonzales"/"Tom Hark".
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Hopping Mad")
Jive Bunny - The Album1989Youtube, SpotifyMegamix containing samples from "Shout" (Lulu), "March Of The Mods" (Joe Loss), "Da Doo Ron Ron" (The Crystals), "Come Back My Love" (Darts), "Runaway" (Del Shannon), "Poetry In Motion" (Johnny Tillotson), "Lucille" (Little Richard), "I'm Into Something Good" (Herman's Hermits) and "Help Me, Rhonda" (The Beach Boys single version).
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers
(covered as "Summer Holiday / Beach Baby / Help Me Rhonda")
Jive Bunny Triple Tracker: Summer Holiday / Beach Baby / Help Me Rhonda single2010Youtube, SpotifyMedley of "Summer Holiday"/"Beach Baby"/"Help Me, Rhonda".
John B. & The Surfin' SafarisA Tribute To The Beach Boys2002Youtube, Spotify
Col Joye And The Joy BoysThe Exciting Big Beat!!! The Best Hit Parade1965
Juba & Lula
(covered as "Nessa Onda")
Juba & Lula O Disco1988YoutubeWith Portuguese lyrics.
Tony Kenny And The Sands ShowbandHelp Me Rhonda single1968YoutubeStraightforward cover.
Chuck Kirkpatrick
(covered as "Surf's Up")
Surf's Up single1981YoutubeMedley of "Little Deuce Coupe"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"California Girls"/"Good Vibrations"/"In My Room"/"Surfer Girl"/"Don't Worry Baby"/"Wendy"/"I Get Around"/"Barbara Ann"/"Shut Down"/"409"/"Catch A Wave"/"Surfin' Safari"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"Fun, Fun, Fun".
The Langley Schools Music ProjectInnocence & Despair2001Youtube, Spotify60-child choir singing. Originally recorded (and released) in 1976.
Linie 3
(covered as "The Beach Boys")
Hvor Er De 2 Andre!!?1994YoutubeLive medley of "Kokomo" / "Good vibrations" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "I Get Around" / "Still Cruisin'" / "Heroes And Villains" / "Barbara Ann".
Little Joe Shaver And Devil DogCountry Surfin'1976
Mike LoveUnleash The Love2017Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Bruce on backing vocals.
Bob Lowden
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
Bob Lowden's Concert Band Simplicity Series1985Medley of "California Girls" / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Wouldn't It Be Nice".
Ricky MartinAn All Star-Tribute To Brian Wilson2001YoutubeLive recording, performed with Brian's backing band.
Kevin Max & Jimmy AMaking God Smile (An Artists' Tribute To The Songs Of Beach Boy Brian Wilson)2002YoutubeSynthpop cover.
Bruce McCoyThe Beach Ball Live1979Live recording
(covered as "へルフ・ミー・ロソ夕")
太陽の下のサーフィン・Japan1992Japanese cover.
Fred Mollin And The Blue Sea BandDisney's Beach Party - Surf Sound2006Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Co-produced by Mark Linnett and features Darian Sahanaja and Jeff Foskett on backing vocals. Introduction by Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Minnie Mouse.
The Music MakersThe 60's In The Discotheque Sound1977
New Jordal SwingersTurn On To The Music1978
New Symphonic OrchestraNew Symphonic Orchestra Plays The Beach Boys1999Youtube, SpotifyMuzak cover.
Olsen BrothersBrothers To Brothers2013SpotifyRock cover.
Roy OrbisonBig O1970Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover
The Original SinsSmiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson1990
P.K. And The Sound ExplosionThe Beach Boys Songbook1977
Papa Doo Run RunCalifornia Project1985YoutubeStraightforward cover.
Pickin' OnPickin' On The Beach Boys: A Bluegrass Tribute2004YoutubeBluegrass instrumental
Gary Puckett
(covered as "Medley")
Live2005SpotifyLive medley of "Keep The Customer Satisfied" and "Help Me, Rhonda".
RämounsRockaway Beach Boys2009Youtube, SpotifyPunk cover, in the style of the Ramones.
Red SquaresPeople Get Ready1998Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Johnny RiversNew Lovers And Old Friends1975YoutubeReleased as a single in 1975, where it reached #22 in the US. Featured Brian Wilson on backing vocals.
The Rock & Roll CircusAt Last1984
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(covered as "The Water Planet Suite")
Symphonic Sounds: Music Of The Beach Boys1998A 23 minute long orchestral medley of "Heroes And Villains"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice/"God Only Knows"/"Surfer Girl"/"In My Room"/"The Warmth Of The Sun"/"All Summer Long"/"You Still Believe In Me"/"Caroline, No"/"Good Vibrations".

Arranged by Bob Alcivar, produced by Bruce Johnston.
Safari SeasonGrowing Young1998SpotifyBallad interpretation
SannexTillbaka Till Framtiden2012Youtube, SpotifyPop rock cover.
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Hitmix-Medley")
SommerpartyYoutube, SpotifyMedley of "Hilf Mir Sonja" ("Help Me, Rhonda")/"Eine Insel Nur Für Schlapse" ("Eine Insel Mit Zwei Bergen")/"Surfin' Auf Dem Schlapsensee" ("Surfin' U.S.A.")/"Hitzefrei" ("Coco Jamboo")/"Der Traumpschlaps" ("Beautiful Dreamer").
Die Schlapse
(covered as "Hilf Mir Sonja")
Schlapsen Sommer Hit PartyGerman cover.
Sea Cruise
(covered as "Beach Boys Medley")
Sea Cruise1978Youtube12 minute disco medley, consisting of "Dance, Dance, Dance"/"Do You Wanna Dance"/"Surfin' U.S.A."/"I Get Around"/"Wendy"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Surfer Girl"/"Fun, Fun, Fun"/"Good Vibrations"/"Little Honda"/"Shut Down"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"California Girls"/"Summer Finale".
The Shadows (Canada)Hit Parade
The SlipstreamsHelp Me Rhonda single1965
Bob Snyder
(covered as "California Girls / Help Me Rhonda")
The Music Box Dancer1979Medley of "California Girls" and "Help Me, Rhonda".
Soft ThunderSoft Thunder
SquaresHere We Go Again1975Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Stanford MendicantsBest Laid Plans2002
Die Strandjungs
(covered as "Hilf Mir Sonja")
Sommer, Sonne... Strandjungs1985Youtube, SpotifyWith German lyrics by Guntmar Feuerstein. Released as a single in Germany.
The Surf City AllstarsAcoustic Vibrations2009Youtube, SpotifyAcoustic cover. Lead vocals by Al Jardine.

Live versions without Al appear on 2006 (Spotify) and 2014 (Spotify, Youtube) albums Live In Concert.
Surf City SoundsSurf City Sounds1981
Surf Punks
(covered as "Surf's Up Medley")
Surf's Up Medley single1981YoutubeMedley of "Surf City" / "Surfin' U.S.A." / "Help Me, Rhonda" / "Wouldn't It Be Nice" / "California Girls" / "Pipeline" / "Catch A Wave" / "I Get Around" / "Surfer Girl".
The SurfbreakersBeach Boys Salute1981
The SurfersHits That Made The Beach Boys1971Also appears on 1974's Sounds Like The Beach Boys.
The SurfsidersThe Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook1965Notoriously bad cover.
Surrey Brass
(covered as "Help Me Ronda")
Made In The 60's1967
Jan Harpo Svensson
(covered as "Hjälp Mig Rune")
Råck Änd Råll Rätt Å Slätt1979Youtube, SpotifySwedish language cover.
(covered as "Beachboys Medley")
Något Som Hände1978Medley of "California Girls"/"Little Deuce Coupe"/"In My Room"/"The Warmth Of The Sun"/"Help Me, Rhonda".
Trygve Thue
(covered as "Hjelp Meg Anna")
Jeg - En Beach Boy1994Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover, Norwegian lyrics by Gustav Lorentzen.
Time PoolsBeach Boys Gone Country2007Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental country cover.
The Tokens Featuring Mitch Margo
(covered as "Choice Ladies")
Re-Doo-Wopp1988YoutubeMedley of "Gloria"/"Sherry"/"Denise"/"Peggy Sue"/"Shelia"/"Oh, Carol"/"Runaround Sue"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"Barbara Ann".
The Top Ten AllstarsHelp Me Rhonda single
UnknownDance To The Music: 20 Golden Hit Songs Of The 60's1975
UnknownHit Parader #35 EP
UnknownHomage To The Beach Boys
UnknownYou Were Made For Me EP1965
Jan-Paul Van Der Meij
(covered as "Help Miranda")
Waterballet1992YoutubeReleased as a single. Dutch lyrics by Jan-Paul Van Der Meij.
Vazelina Bilopphøggers
(covered as "Hjelp Meg Ragna")
Tempo1989YoutubeNorwegian lyrics by Eldar Vågan.
Brian WilsonLive At The Roxy Theatre2000Live recording. Bonus track on some versions of the album.
Brian Wilson with Al JardineBrian Wilson And Friends2016Youtube, SpotifyLive recording. Al takes the lead vocal.
The Gary Wilson BandHelp Me Rhonda single1981
The WinnersThe Winners1992Released as a single the year before.
Das Wuppertaler Rockfolk OrchesterIt's Only Rockfolk But We Like It1978Performed in English, although the sleeve lists it as "Hilf Mir, Honda" by "Brei N. Wilsenodernich".
Tatsurō YamashitaAdd Some Music To Your Day1972
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