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You're So Good To Me

"You're So Good To Me"

(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Album: Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

The database contains 34 covers of "You're So Good To Me".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
A Taste Of HoneyThe Hits Of The Beach Boys1969
AtlanticThe Feeling That I Get single1981
The Beach Boys Inc.Vintage Series2002
Michael CarpenterSoop #1: Songs Of Other People2001Youtube, SpotifyRock cover
The CockneysYou're So Good To Me single1966
The CraftsmenWhat Can We Say1965Discogs says a 1964 release, but the album contains "You're So Good To Me", which was not released until 1965.
DesignYou're So Good To Me single1976
Don Devil & The DriftersYou're So Good To Me single1966YoutubeBeat cover
The FactotumsYou're So Good To Me single1966YoutubeRecorded in late 1965, after the band's manager Andrew Loog Oldham got a copy from Brian Wilson.
The Fantastic BaggysRide The Wild Surf1966
The FireballsFirebeat! The Great Lost Vocal Album2006Youtube, SpotifyPreviously unreleased recording from between 1965 and 1967.
Stewart FranckeSwimming In Mercury1999Youtube, SpotifyFolk / rock cover
David GarlandI Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times: David Garland Performs Brian Wilson1993YoutubeA cover with a circus-y feel.
Gidea ParkLive In Concert2013SpotifyLive recording.
T.K. HulinAs You Passed Me By... Graduation Night1978Youtube, SpotifySwamp pop cover.
Red HurleyYou're So Good To Me single1979YoutubePop cover.
The Kit KatsYou're So Good To Me single1968Youtube, SpotifySlow rock cover.

Appears on the No-Go Showboat - 20 Beach Boys Cover Songs compilation album.
The Langley Schools Music ProjectInnocence & Despair2001Youtube, Spotify60-child choir singing. Originally recorded (and released) in 1976.
Math and Physics ClubMovie Ending Romance EP2005Youtube, SpotifyIndie cover
Mavi IşıklarMavi Işıklar1967
I Memphis
(covered as "Gli Amici Miei")
Gli Amici Miei single1966YoutubeBeat cover, Italian lyrics by Piero Giorgetti
New Jordal SwingersClose Up1977
Ralphie D.You're So Good To Me single1967
Johnnie RiccoYou're So Good To Me single1977
The SnakesJacks Beat Records Anthology 12004Beat cover. Recorded in the 60s, but unreleased until 2004.
(covered as "Les Framboises")
Stone EP1966Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover with French lyrics.
Die Strandjungs
(covered as "Mir Ist So Heiss")
Auf Nach HawaiiYoutube, SpotifyGerman lyrics by Bernd Morawitz.
The SurfersHits That Made The Beach Boys1971
Debra SwisherYou're So Good To Me single1966YoutubePop cover.

Appears on the No-Go Showboat - 20 Beach Boys Cover Songs compilation album.
TykeA Taste Of Tyke1976
Velocity GirlYour Silent Face single1994YoutubeIndie rock cover.
M. WardMore Rain2016SpotifyIndie-folk cover
Wilson PhillipsAn All Star-Tribute To Brian Wilson2001YoutubeLive recording, performed with Brian's backing band.
ZipsYou're So Good To Me single1977YoutubeGlam rock cover co-produced by Adrian Baker.

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