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Surf City
Surf City And Other Swingin' Cities cover

"Surf City"

(Brian Wilson / Jan Berry)
Jan & Dean song
Album: Surf City And Other Swingin' Cities (1963)
Listen to the Jan & Dean version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 7, of which
Surf City: 6
Drag City: 1

Jan and Dean's surf hit - the first surf song to become a number one hit across the US. This is also Brian's first number one single.
Rewritten with new lyrics by Roger Christian as "Drag City" (Youtube, Spotify).

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Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Burt Blanca Et Ses Guitares Magiques
(covered as "Deux Fille's Pour Un Garçon")
L'Age De L'Amour EP1964YoutubeFrench lyrics by Georges Aber
Martin Circus
(covered as "Drague Party (Le Bon Temps Ça Roule)")
Rock'n'Roll Circus1977Youtube, SpotifyFrench pop cover with lyrics by Evelyne Courtois. Released as a single.
The Rip ChordsThree Window Coupe1964Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Bruce co-produces and is on vocals.
The Rip Chords
(covered as "Drag City")
Hey Little Cobra And Other Hot Rod Hits1964Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover
Ron & Mel
(covered as "Deux Filles Pour Un Garçon")
Kansas City EP1963French lyrics.
Maxime Saury Et Son Orchestre
(covered as "Surf City (Deux Fill's Pour Un Garçon)")
Surf EP1963Clarinet instrumental
The TymesEverybody's Goin' Surfin'1963Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover

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