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The Man With All The Toys
The Beach Boys' Christmas Album cover

"The Man With All The Toys"

(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
The Beach Boys song
Album: The Beach Boys' Christmas Album (1964)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 13

Christmas song.

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Beach Boys & solo versionAny cover by The Beach Boys, either as a group or solo
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Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Emilie-Claire Barlow avec Mitsou
(covered as "As-tu vu le Père Noël")
Lumières d'hiver2017Youtube, SpotifyVocal jazz cover. French lyrics by Danté, Jacques Blanchet & Georges Lagios.
Les Baronets
(covered as "Cet Hiver Je N'aurai Plus Froid ")
Vive Le Temps Des Fêtes single1966Youtube, SpotifyFrench lyrics by Lucien Brien
ExpulsadosAltoparlantes 22008Youtube, SpotifyPunk cover, follows the 2005 Brian Wilson version by including a "Joy To The World" outro.
Brian GariThe Man With All The Toys2002Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Husky TeamChristmas In Memphis2004Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental.
Knox HamiltonThe Man With All The Toys single2016Youtube, SpotifyIndie cover.
The Low Society Blues BandNet Sounds 4
Renée Martel
(covered as "As-tu vu le Père Noël")
Le Petit Train Bleu single1968Youtube, SpotifyFrench lyrics by Danté, Jacques Blanchet & Georges Lagios.
(covered as "Aujourd'hui On Se Marie")
Les Crêpes EP1965French lyrics by Pierre Saka.
Mary StahlMary Christmas2000
The Top Ten AllstarsSweet Beat And Fun, Fun, Fun!Live recording.
The VariationsThe Man With All The Toys single1965Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Features Jimmy Page on guitar.
Brian WilsonWhat I Really Want For Christmas2005Youtube, SpotifyWith an added instrumental break and a fragment of "Joy To The World" for an outro, this version almost doubles the length of the original song.

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