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Ballad Of Ole' Betsy

"Ballad Of Ole' Betsy"

(Brian Wilson / Roger Christian)
Album: Little Deuce Coupe (1963)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

The database contains 3 covers of "Ballad Of Ole' Betsy".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
The Beach Boys
(covered as "Medley Part Two: Ballads")
The Beach Boys Medley single1981YoutubeA (badly edited) medley consisting of "Surfer Girl"/"Girls On The Beach"/"Ballad Of Ole' Betsy"/"We'll Run Away"/"Caroline, No"/"The Surfer Moon"/"In My Room". Released as a single with Part One (Uptempo), and also a significantly shorter single version was released.
Mike LoveMike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks Of The Beach Boys Salute NASCAR1996YoutubeRe-recording with Adrian Baker. Neither David or Bruce seem to appear on the track.
The SugarbeatsI Just Stand Here single1966YoutubeStraightforward cover.

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