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Do You Like Worms
Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys cover

"Do You Like Worms"

(Brian Wilson / Van Dyke Parks)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (1993)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 5

Abandoned during the Smile sessions, also known as "Roll Plymouth Rock". Van Dyke Parks added new verses for 2004's Brian Wilson Presents Smile.

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Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Ant-BeeNew Material1991Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover
The New Surfsiders
(covered as "SMiLE Medley")
SMiLE Medley single2012YoutubeHilariously awful medley of "Heroes And Villains"/"Do You Like Worms"/"Cabin Essence"/"Child Is Father Of The Man"/"Surf's Up"/"Vega-Tables"/"Fire"/"Good Vibrations".
The Olivia Tremor Control
(covered as "Do You Like Worms? (Do You Dig Worms?)")
Smiling Pets1998YoutubeIndie cover. Also on re-releases of Music Form The Unreleased Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle.
Will C.
(covered as "In An Ocean")
Adieu Or Die2012Youtube, OtherRemix based around "Cool, Cool Water", "Love To Say Dada", "Do You Like Worms?" and "Cabinessence".
Brian Wilson
(covered as "Roll Plymouth Rock")
Brian Wilson Presents Smile2004Youtube, SpotifyWith the full lyrics, that never made the original Smile recording.

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