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You're Welcome

"You're Welcome"

(Brian Wilson)
Album: Heroes And Villains single (1967)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

Almost a capella chant.

The database contains 4 covers of "You're Welcome".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
Sean MacreavyDumb Angel1994
(covered as "Surfin USA-You're Welcome")
Smiling Pets1998YoutubeNoise rock cover of "Surfin' U.S.A" and "You're Welcome".
Melt-BananaMxBx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity1999YoutubeNoise rock cover.
(covered as "Shortenin' Bread / You're Welcome")
In My Room: A Beach Boys Tribute For The Homeless Of California1995Medley with "Shortenin' Bread".

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