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The Little Girl I Once Knew

"The Little Girl I Once Knew"

(Brian Wilson)
Album: The Little Girl I Once Knew single (1965)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

The database contains 8 covers of "The Little Girl I Once Knew".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
The BystandersPattern People (The Pye Anthology)2001YoutubeStraightforward cover.
Gretchen DowsingFun, Fun, Fun
The FreshmenMovin On1968SpotifyStraightforward cover
Gidea Park
(covered as "California Gold")
Gidea Park1981Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single. Also known as "Beach Boys Gold Part II".

Medley of "California Gold"/"California Girls"/"Wouldn't It Be Nice"/"Help Me, Rhonda"/"The Little Girl I Once Knew"/"All Summer Long"/"Lovin' That Music".

A live version appears on their Live In Concert album.
Harmony BeachHarmony Beach1984
The JackpotsJack In The Box1968Youtube, SpotifySixties pop cover.
The MGM Singing StringsThe Hits Of 19661967
Brian WilsonLive At The Roxy Theatre2000Live recording.

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