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Ten Little Indians

"Ten Little Indians"

(Brian Wilson / Gary Usher)
Album: Surfin' Safari (1962)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

Based on the nursery rhyme of the same name.

The database contains 3 covers of "Ten Little Indians".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
(covered as "Dix Petits Indiens")
Tu M’as Devancée / Fait Pour Durer / Je N’aime Que Bobby (Bobby's Girl) / Dix Petits Indiens single1963YoutubeFrench lyrics by Pierre Saka.
Lucky Blondo
(covered as "Dix Petits Indiens")
Filles1963Youtube, SpotifyIn French. French lyrics by Pierre Saka.
Los Mabber's
(covered as "Diez Inditos")
El Martillito2013Youtube, SpotifyRecorded (and probably released originally) in the 60s, although I can't find anywhere to confirm that. Spanish cover.

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