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Let's Put Our Hearts Together

"Let's Put Our Hearts Together"

(Brian Wilson)
Album: The Beach Boys Love You (1977)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

Duet between Brian and then wife Marilyn.

The database contains 4 covers of "Let's Put Our Hearts Together".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
Sean Macreavy with Paul McNulty
(covered as "Brian Loves You Medley")
Dumb Angel1994YoutubeMedley of "Airplane"/"Let Us Go On This Way"/"Let's Put Our Hearts Together"/"Ding Dang"/"Johnny Carson"/"Roller Skating Child"/"The Night Was So Young"/"My Diane"/"I'll Bet He's Nice"/"Mona"/"My Diane (Reprise)".
The PearlfishersEven On A Sunday Afternoon single1997Youtube, SpotifyPiano-based cover
SunriseLet's Put Our Hearts Together single1977
Chip Taylor & Evie SandsCaroline Now! The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys2000Youtube, SpotifyCountry duet.

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