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Good Time

"Good Time"

(Brian Wilson / Al Jardine)
Album: The Beach Boys Love You (1977)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

First version released: American Spring (1972)

Started life in early 1970. Revived for 1977's Love You.

The database contains 3 covers of "Good Time".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
American SpringAmerican Spring1972YoutubeThe first version to be released - the song was originally recorded by The Beach Boys in 1970, and this uses that same backing track (and I think the backing vocals too). Hence, vocals aside, this sounds (and almost is) musically identical to the 1977 The Beach Boys Love You version.

Produced and arranged by Brian, with backing vocals by The Beach Boys.
Brian GariBrian Sings Wilson2002Youtube, SpotifyPop cover.
Stevie JacksonCaroline Now! The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys2000Youtube, SpotifyAcoustic cover.

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