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A Day In The Life Of A Tree
Surf's Up cover

"A Day In The Life Of A Tree"

(Brian Wilson / Jack Rieley)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Surf's Up (1971)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 8

Features a surprise lead vocal by manager Jack Rieley.

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Artist Album Year ListenNotes
The Fiction AisleA Day In The Life Of A Tree single2016OtherStraightforward cover
Hi Tom Low TomThe Best Of Hi Tom Low Tom2016OtherElectropop cover
Cameron Michael ParkesA Tribute To Brian Wilson2004
Rhode IslandTaphonomy EP2009
Suzzy & Maggie RocheWhy The Long Face2004Youtube, SpotifyAcoustic cover. Nice harmonies.
Marc StephensNet Sounds 4
Matthew SweetHonor' (A Benefit For The Honor The Earth Campaign)1996
Yo La TengoSuper Kiwi single2013Youtube, SpotifyShimmering is how I would describe the music in this version. Perhaps an odd cover, befitting an odd song. Also appears as a bonus track on deluxe version's of album Fade

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