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Cool, Cool Water

"Cool, Cool Water"

(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Album: Sunflower (1970)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

Musically related to Love To Say Dada", this track started life in 1967.

The database contains 3 covers of "Cool, Cool Water".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
HarpySmiling Pets1998YoutubeExperimental cover
Will C.
(covered as "In An Ocean")
Adieu Or Die2012Youtube, OtherRemix based around "Cool, Cool Water", "Love To Say Dada", "Do You Like Worms?" and "Cabinessence".
Will C.
(covered as "Cool It Be")
Adieu Or Die2012Youtube, OtherRemix of "Cool, Cool Water".

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