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(Dennis Wilson / Gregg Jakobson)
Album: Sunflower (1970)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

The database contains 8 covers of "Forever".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
The American ShakesBegin2010
American SpringAmerican Spring1972YoutubeSome slight lyrical alterations. Co-produced and vocal arrangements by Brian. Features Carl on vocals.
BMX BanditsForever2017Youtube, SpotifyIndie pop cover
Adam Marsland's Chaos BandLong Promised Road: Songs Of Dennis & Carl Wilson2007Live recording.
John Stamos with The Beach BoysSummer In Paradise1992YoutubeAlso released as a single. Stamos had previously sung the show multiple times in sitcom Full House.
Dean Wareham & Britta PhillipsSweetheart2005
Carnie WilsonA Mother's Gift (Lullabies From The Heart)2006A gentle cover.
Carnie Wilson with Marilyn Wilson-RutherfordDennis Wilson: Only With You2008YoutubeFeatures backing vocals from Wendy Wilson and Marilyn's fellow Honeys Ginger Blake and Diane Rovell.

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