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Tears In The Morning

"Tears In The Morning"

(Bruce Johnston)
Album: Sunflower (1970)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

Top five single in The Netherlands.

The database contains 5 covers of "Tears In The Morning".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
Rob de Nijs
(covered as "Bang")
Rob de Nijs1978YoutubeStraightforward cover with Dutch lyrics by Joost Nuissl.
Hüso & AsadiThe Wallstreet Sessions2015
The RadiosNo Television1990Youtube, SpotifyReleased as a single, which went to number 15 in the Belgian charts. Also appears on The Best Of The Radios.
Thulsa DoomKeyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We?2005Youtube, SpotifyHard rock cover.
Ronnie ToberYesterday's Dreams1973

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