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(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Album: Surfin' Safari (1962)
Listen to the The Beach Boys version: Youtube, Spotify

The first single The Beach Boys released in 1961.

The database contains 12 covers of "Surfin'".

Artist Album Year Listen Notes
The Beach BoysSummer In Paradise1992A 90s remake of their first single. To this day people are still trying to work out why it was necessary.
Les Célibataires
(covered as "Surfing")
Ne Pleure Pas EP1963YoutubeFrench lyrics by Pierre Saka.
The Chesterfield KingsSurfin' Rampage1997
Annette FunicelloSings Golden Surfin' Hits1965YoutubeStraightfoward cover.
The Hot DoggersSurfin' U.S.A.1963Youtube, SpotifyFeatures a pre-Beach Boys Bruce Johnston on lead vocals.
Jan & DeanJan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'1963Youtube, SpotifyFeatures The Beach Boys on the backing track and the backing vocals.
The MarkettsThe Surfing Scene1963Youtube, SpotifyPerformed as an instrumental.
The OrlonsEverybody's Goin' Surfin'1963Youtube, Spotify
Rincon Surfside BandThe Surfing Song Book1965
The Surf Rats feat. Buzz The Wharf RatMuppet Beach Party1993Youtube
The SurfsidersThe Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook1965YoutubeNotoriously bad cover.
Jim Waller And The DeltasSurfin' Wild1963Youtube, SpotifySurf instrumental

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