The Spirit Of Rock & Roll

"The Spirit Of Rock & Roll"

(Brian Wilson / Gary Usher / Tom Kelly)
Brian Wilson song
Album: The Beach Boys: 25 Years Together TV show (1987)
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Originally written during the Usher-Wilson sessions that predate his first solo album, and was recorded for the Hawaii 25th anniversary TV special. Then was on the tracklisting for Sweet Insanity with vocals by Bob Dylan. A re-recorded version saw release for the 2006 Hallmark compilation Songs From Here & Back.

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Coconut GroveNet Sounds 4
Cameron Michael ParkesA Tribute To Brian Wilson2004
Brian WilsonSongs From Here & Back2006YoutubeRe-recording
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