Do The Surfer Stomp
Do The Surfer Stomp cover

"Do The Surfer Stomp"

(Bruce Johnston / Joe Hartnett)
Bruce Johnston song
Album: Do The Surfer Stomp single (1962)
Listen to the Bruce Johnston version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 2

This is a confusing one. The original single consisted of a vocal side (Part 1) and an instrumental side (Part 2).
A longer live version was recorded on Bruce's Surfer's Pajama Party album as simply the "Surfer Stomp", or when sped up and released as a single in the UK, "The Original Surfer Stomp".
This is then not to be confused with "Moon Shot", which apparently was also released as a single called "The Original Surfer Stomp".

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
The Hot Doggers
(covered as "The Original Surfer's Stomp")
Fun Fun Fun1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental. Bruce was involved.
The Orientals
(covered as "Original Surfer Stomp")
Rockin' At The Casbah2006Bear Family (preview)Surf cover
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