Carl And The Passions -


(Brian Wilson / Tandyn Almer / Jack Rieley)
The Beach Boys song
Album: Carl And The Passions - "So Tough" (1972)
Listen to The Beach Boys version: Youtube, SpotifyCovers: 7

This song was based on Sunflower outtake "I Just Got My Pay", which itself was based on 1963 outtake "All Dressed Up For School".

Studio coversLive coversSamplesBeach Boys & solo versionMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Artist Album Year ListenNotes
Carter CathcartDo It Again! Fave Beach Boys Tunes1999SpotifyPower pop cover.
Andrew GoldLeftovers1998Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Hams Across The WaterNet Sounds II: Do It Again
John Hunter PhillipsDiamonds On The Beach2000SpotifyStraightforward cover.
Michael Simmons
(covered as "I Just Got My Pay")
It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Live2012YoutubeA cover of "I Just Got My Pay", the Youtube version has a Marcella coda.
Unknown13 Disco Top Pop
Brian Wilson with Al Jardine, Blondie Chaplin, Ricky Fataar and Billy HinscheBrian Wilson And Friends2016Youtube, SpotifyLive version, with Brian on lead.
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