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American Spring

Also known as just Spring in the US. Duo consisting of Brian's wife Marilyn and her sister Diane Rovell. Both had previously been in The Honeys.


Studio coversLive coversSamplesMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Forever"American Spring1972YoutubeSome slight lyrical alterations. Co-produced and vocal arrangements by Brian. Features Carl on vocals.
"Good Time"American Spring1972YoutubeThe first version to be released - the song was originally recorded by The Beach Boys in 1970, and this uses that same backing track (and I think the backing vocals too). Hence, vocals aside, this sounds (and almost is) musically identical to the 1977 The Beach Boys Love You version.

Produced and arranged by Brian, with backing vocals by The Beach Boys.
"Had To Phone Ya"Spring...Plus1989YoutubeThis version actually predates The Beach Boys version - and so contains Diane's lyrics instead of Mike's. Recorded in 1972, and co-produced by Brian, this didn't see release until a 1989 reissue.
"Lady (Fallin' In Love)"Shyin' Away single1973YoutubeStraightforward cover, co-produced by Brian
"Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby"American Spring1972YoutubeProduced and backing vocals by Brian.
"This Whole World"American Spring1972YoutubeA much slower, gentler cover. New middle eight. Produced and vocal arrangements by Brian.