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The Catalinas

A studio group featuring Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher and Wrecking Crew members such as Hal Blaine.

Also see: Bruce Johnston, The Beach Boys, Terry Melcher, The Hot Doggers, The Rip Chords, Bruce & Terry and California Music.


Studio coversLive coversSamplesMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"I Get Around"Fun Fun Fun1964Youtube, SpotifyStraightfoward cover. Featured Bruce Johnston on piano.
"Surfin' U.S.A."Fun Fun Fun1964Youtube, SpotifyStraightforward cover. Featured Bruce Johnston on piano.
"The Queen"
(covered as "Queen Of The Hot Rods")
Fun Fun Fun1964Youtube, SpotifySounds very similar to The Rip Chords version, which is not surprising since many of the performers appear on both versions. Bruce is on piano.