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California Music

A studio project involving Bruce Johnston (Beach Boy), Terry Melcher (who would produce some of the Beach Boys 80s material), Gary Usher (who cowrote some early Beach Boys songs), Curt Boettcher (who produced the disco version of "Here Comes The Night") and Brian Wilson (Beach Boy).
After a few singles, the group disbanded.


Studio coversLive coversSamplesMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Don't Worry Baby"Don't Worry Baby single1974YoutubeBruce takes lead and produces. This version has some new lyrics in the verses.

The first single on Bruce's Equinox label.

Was also the B-side to the "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" single, which Brian produced.
"Endless Harmony"
(covered as "Ten Years Of Harmony")
Don't Worry Baby single1974Produced and sung by Bruce. B-side to the first single on his Equinox label.