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The Lively Ones

One of the leading bands in the Californian instrumental surf movement. Mainly dealt with covers. Best known now for their version of "Surf Rider", which appeared at the end of Pulp Fiction.


Studio coversLive coversSamplesMedleys"Bedroom" covers
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Hot Pastrami, Mashed Potatoes, Come On To Rincon - Yeah!!!"
(covered as "Hot Pastrami")
The Great Surf Hits!! 1963Youtube, SpotifyLess vocals than Bruce's version
"Shut Down"The Great Surf Hits!!1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental
"Surfin' Safari"The Great Surf Hits!!1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental.
"Surfin' U.S.A."The Great Surf Hits!!1963Youtube, SpotifyInstrumental.