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David Cassidy

Actor and singer, star of The Partridge Family. His half-brother Shaun was also a singer.


Studio coversAny studio recorded cover that doesn't fall into the other categories.
Live coversAny cover only performed live (including those released on live albums).
SamplesCover that samples the original track (or another cover)
MedleysCovers which are parts of medleys
"Bedroom" coversRecorded at home, for Youtube, etc.
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Darlin'"The Higher They Climb - The Harder They Fall1975Youtube, SpotifyProduced by Bruce Johnston and Cassidy. Backing vocals by Flo & Eddie (of The Turtles and Mothers Of Invention), who add some dance moves to this live version on on Youtube.

Went to number 38 in Germany, number 17 in Sweden and number 16 in the UK.
"I Write The Songs"The Higher Thy Climb1975Youtube, SpotifyFirst version released as a single, this went to #11 in the UK charts. It was produced by Bruce and featured Carl on vocals.