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Los Mabber's

Mexican surf band.


Studio coversAny studio recorded cover that doesn't fall into the other categories.
Live coversAny cover only performed live (including those released on live albums).
SamplesCover that samples the original track (or another cover)
MedleysCovers which are parts of medleys
"Bedroom" coversRecorded at home, for Youtube, etc.
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Noble Surfer"
(covered as "Llego El Surfin")
Surfin' Con Los Mabber's1963Youtube, SpotifySpanish cover. Title of the album's 2013 Spotify re-release.
"Shut Down"
(covered as "Baja Ya")
Surfin' Con Los Mabber's1963Youtube, SpotifySpanish-language Mexican surf cover. Lyrics by Lolita De La Colina.
"Surfin' Safari"Surfin' Con Los Mabbers1963Youtube, SpotifySung in Spanish.
"Surfin' U.S.A."
(covered as "Chica Cruel")
Surfin' Con Los Mabber's1963Youtube, SpotifySpanish surf cover, literally translates to "Cruel Girl".
"Ten Little Indians"
(covered as "Diez Inditos")
El Martillito2013Youtube, SpotifyRecorded (and probably released originally) in the 60s, although I can't find anywhere to confirm that. Spanish cover.