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The Marauders

One of the more popular Sacramento surf groups in the mid-60s, they played support slots for bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys. Their guitarist believed that The Beach Boys covered "Barbara Ann" after hearing The Marauders play it live.


Studio coversAny studio recorded cover that doesn't fall into the other categories.
Live coversAny cover only performed live (including those released on live albums).
SamplesCover that samples the original track (or another cover)
MedleysCovers which are parts of medleys
"Bedroom" coversRecorded at home, for Youtube, etc.
Song Album Year ListenNotes
"Surf Jam"
(covered as "Intro-Surf Jam")
The Ikon Records Story (America's #1 Unsung Garage Label 1964-1966)2005Previously unreleased 1965 recording.